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The AHUJA RADIOS is today India’s leading manufacturer & exporter of Public Address Equipment. Established in 1940, in last 8 decades we have been able to cement AHUJA as the most trusted brand in sound reinforcement industry by introducing reliable products through continuous research & development. Right since the inception company has aspired and worked diligently towards offering wide range of products to fulfill every conceivable PA application requirement.

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The comprehensive and vast product range makes Ahuja the preferred option for sound reinforcement solutions in diverse applications. Uncompromising quality along with affordability, ensures Ahuja is an insuperable proposition for a wide variety of public address applications such as:

    • Offices / Conference Rooms
    • Airports / Railway Stations / Bus Terminals
    • Places of Worship
    • Auditoria / Theatres / Studios
    • Sport Venues / Stadiums
    • Hospitals
    • Educational Institutions
    • Hotels / Restaurants / Bars / Food Joints
    • Shopping Malls / Large format retail
    • Public Gatherings / Stage Shows / Concerts
    • DJs
    • Factories / Commercial Buildings
    • Parking Lots / Petrol Pumps / Toll Plazas
    • Amusement Parks & many more

One Years Manufacturer’s Warranty
Every product by Ahuja comes with a 1 year warranty period. Their warranty guidelines aim towards customer aid which can be claimed from all authorized Ahuja service centres. An efficient, helpful and handy team is what Ahuja provides.