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Nx Audio HD1000MK2 DJ Headphone


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The Nx Audio HD1000MK2 DJ Headphone. Nx Audio HD1000MK2 stereo DJ headphones give fantastic response with Isolated Damping Technology for Enhanced Bass. If you’re a professional DJ, you’ll want to give the best performance you possibly can, so you’ll need the best possible headphones. NX-Audio has created the new HD 1000 MK2 stereo headphones to give you precisely that. Its large 57 mm diameter phones and soft-touch housing combine superior sensitivity with high power input capabilities that let you catch every note, while its ergonomic design enables flexible movement and comfortable handsfree single-ear monitoring. If you’re a professional DJ, or just want to one of the best, clearest, most powerful headphones on the market the HD-1000MK2 is made for you.

What’s Included:

  • Headphones
  • 3mm Gold Plated Adapter (Straight)
  • 2 Earcup Sponge
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Technical Specifications:

BrandNx Audio
Driver Unit57mm dia. Dome.
Impedance64 ohms
Frequency5Hz to 30KHz.
Maximum Power3500mW
Cord Length4M ± 50mm

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