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Bosch PLE-1ME120-3IN 120-Watt Mixer Amplifier with USB/Bluetooth

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The Bosch PLE-1ME120-3IN 120-Watt Mixer Amplifier with USB/Bluetooth. The Bosch PLE-1ME120-3IN mixer amplifier is equipped with an inbuilt music source, which can provide hours of uninterrupted music either through Bluetooth streaming or USB pen drive. The PLE-1ME120-3IN supplied with an IR remote control for controlling the music source. The units feature four mic/line inputs, 1 BGM and operate in a single zone. To ensure optimum performance, there are no moving parts, such as hard drives that can fail or wear out. The units have a limiter circuit and provide an audio insert feature to use as a pre/power amplifier. The VU meter gives an output level indication.

The Plena Economy mixer amplifiers are professional public address units with modern state‑of‑the‑art features. They are easy to use, taking the complexity away from the user and putting it where it belongs, inside the equipment. Providing crisp and clear announcements and music is as easy as turning on a radio. Offering the essentials of public address in an affordable package.

Bosch PLE-1ME120-3IN Features:

  • Inbuilt Bluetooth for audio streaming.
  • Supports audio playback from USB pen drive
  • 4 microphone/line inputs, plus music source input
  • Insert feature to use as a pre/power amplifier
  • Optional 2‑tone chime generation for input 1
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Frequency response80 Hz to 18 kHz (+1/‑3 dB @ ‑10 dB ref. rated output)
Distortion25 dB
Bass ControlMax. ± 8 dB
Treble ControlMax. ± 8 dB
ConnectorCinch, stereo converted to mono
Sensitivity200 mV to 300 mV
Impedance22 kohm
S/N (flat at max. volume)≥70 dB
Headroom>25 dB
ConnectorRCA Cinch

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