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MX XLR Pin male 2973

3 Pin Mic Connector


The MX XLR Pin male 2973 (MX-2973) 3 Pin Mic extension Female XLR socket is a type of connector used for many professional audio applications. 3 pole male cable connector with Nickel housing and silver contacts. The next generation of the worldwide accepted standard of XLR cable connectors.

The successor of the X series offers several new features which make it more reliable, easier to assemble and improves contact integrity as well cable strain relief. MX XLR connectors do not suffer from insertion loss and high frequency cutoff. MX XLR Connectors are simple to use, Reliable and provide cable protection.

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Brand NameMX
Part NumberMX-2973
Connector TypeXLR Male
EAN Number8904134430493
Model NumberMX-2973

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Pack of 20, Single XLR Pin


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