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Sennheiser MD 445 – A New Flagship Dynamic Handheld Vocal Performance Mic

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The wired, super-cardioid MD 445 vocal microphone and the MM 445 microphone head (pictured with the capsule interface) for use with Sennheiser wireless transmitters

The stage is incredibly loud, with the instruments seeming to acoustically close in on the vocalist – these are challenging environments for which the new MD 445 from Sennheiser was created. The audio specialist’s large-diaphragm, dynamic stage microphone combines a direct, head-on sound with a tight supercardioid pick pattern, providing not only maximum isolation from other on-stage sound sources but also an extremely high level of feedback resistance. With the high-rejection MD 445, vocalists can effortlessly assert their presence even in the loudest of environments.“The MD 445 is the most powerful microphone in our MD range,” says Kai Lange, Senior Product Manager with Sennheiser. “If its sister model, the MD 435, is the beauty, the MD 445 certainly is the beast. It effortlessly cuts through loud stage sound and establishes an audibly greater proximity to the vocals. Its direct, high-resolution sound gives vocals a totally new richness, intensity and assertiveness.”The acoustics of the MD 445 have been tailored to modern stage set-ups with B stages and runways in front of the PA. At the core of the acoustic design is a newly developed voice coil made of lightweight aluminium-copper. Its fast-transient response ensures a very detailed, nuanced and transparent sound that is complemented by rich mid-range and bass. The sound is acoustically close, intimate and open, irrespective of how loud the instrument soundscape may be.Thanks to its high-rejection, supercardioid pickup pattern, the MD 445 has enormous gain before feedback. Dynamics are wide at 146 dB(A) and the microphone can handle sound pressure levels of up to 163 dB/1 kHz.The outstanding acoustics come with a mechanical design that’s built to withstand a life on tour: The MD 445 features a metal casing and has a shock-mounted capsule to protect it from structure-borne noise. A hum compensating coil protects the microphone against electromagnetic interference.For use with Sennheiser’s wireless transmitters, the capsule of the MD 445 is also available as MM 445 microphone head. Fitted with Sennheiser’s standard capsule interface, the MM 445 can be used with Sennheiser wireless series ranging from the evolution wireless G4 and 2000 series to Digital 6000 and Digital 9000.
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Sennheiser MD 445 Technical Data

Transducer principledynamic
Frequency response40 – 20,000 Hz
Pick-up patternhigh-rejection, super-cardioid
Sensitivity (free field, at 1 kHz)1.6 mV/Pa; -55.9 dBV/Pa
Max. SPL (at 1 kHz)163 dB
Equivalent noise level18 dB(A)
Dynamic range145 dB(A)
Nominal impedance (at 1 kHz)245 Ω
Min. terminating impedance1 kΩ
Dimensions⌀ 47.5 mm x 174 mm
Weight329 g

Features of Sennheiser MD 445 Vocal mic

The MD 445 pushes the potential of dynamic microphones to the limits of what is technically viable. The direct, focused sound gives every voice greater presence and intensity. Its sophisticated transparency and the richness of the low and middle ranges create an unparalleled acoustic closeness.Time and effort have gone into newly tailoring the acoustics of the MD 445 for modern stages and the most demanding of live productions. An all new highly developed aluminum-copper voice coil forms the basis for a noticeably direct and nuanced sound.This high-rejection supercardioid microphone systematically blocks out ambient noise, guaranteeing maximum protection from feedback in the most demanding environments. 
  • Dynamic vocal microphone
  • Very lightweight, rapidly responding aluminium copper voice coil
  • High-resolution, direct sound for audibly greater proximity to the vocals
  • Directionality: high-rejection supercardioid
  • Extremely high feedback resistance
  • Large diaphragm diameter
  • Spring-mounted capsule to shield it from body-borne noise
  • Hum compensation coil to eliminate electromagnetic interference
  • Rugged metal design

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