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Ahuja Diaphragm LMT for AU-40XT/AU-50XT


The Ahuja Diaphragm LMT for AU-40XT/AU-50XT use for AU-40XT / AU-50XT Unit with Transformer (LMT). Driver Units are specially shaped, reinforced phenolic diaphragms with a precision-wound voice coil on Aluminium bobbin for good heat dissipation. The rigid assembly offers high acoustic properties and is most indestructible in normal service. The self-centering design requires little skill to replace the diaphragm.

The Ahuja diaphragms use for AU-40XT / AU-50XT Unit with Transformer (LMT).

The high quality diaphragms used in AHUJA

Ahuja LMT diaphragms Box (Pack of 16 Pcs)

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To Replace a Defective Diaphragm in Driver Units, Follow the Steps Given Below: STEP 1: Open the central screw at the back of the DRIVER UNIT* to remove the bottom cover. STEP 2: Open the four cross-head screws on the acoustic head to release the head from magnet assembly. STEP 3: De solder and replace the defective diaphragm with the new one. Solder the new diaphragm taking care that L1 Mark on the diaphragm matches with L1 mark on the head. When using diaphragms with orange centering washers, no rubber washer is required between diaphragm and magnet assembly. If there is a rubber washer in the driver unit, it should be removed and discarded when using this diaphragm. STEP 4: Clean the air gap in the magnet assembly with a strip of adhesive tape (with adhesive side exposed on both sides) STEP 5: Reassemble the head on the magnet assembly ensuring that the diaphragm goes smoothly into the air gap without the edges of the former getting spoiled in any way. STEP 6: Tighten the four screws on the head and re-fix the Bottom Cover with a rubber ring and tighten the central screw. STEP 7: Check with a multi-meter the continuity between L1 & L2 terminals; also, that L1 or L2 terminals are not shorting with the body. STEP 8: Test the Driver Unit by first playing music at a very low volume.

*In AU-40 XT and AU-50XT open the four outer screws on the head, to remove the bottom cover.

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