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Circle Pro Audio CPA 800 HH Dual Hand Wireless Microphone

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The Circle Pro Audio CPA 800 HH Dual Hand Wireless Microphone system operates in the UHF 470-786MHz range with stable frequencies. The Circle CPA 800 features like adjustable power, an easy-to-use LCD display, and anti-interference controls. The sensitive receiver reduces noise, and it works up to 80 meters in ideal conditions and 50 meters normally, perfect for small venues and conferences. The Circle Pro Audio CPA 800 ensures high-quality performance with its advanced technology and components.

Circle CPA 800 Features:

  • Uses UHF 470-786MHz PLL combined technology: Ensures stable frequencies.
  • Adjustable transmitter power: Avoids interruptions.
  • CPU control with LCD display: Easy operation and outstanding performance.
  • Anti-interference and anti-equalizing switch: Recommended for small venues and conference use.
  • High-sensitivity receiver: Adapts multi-level high-frequency enlargement.
  • Multi-level noise supervisory circuit: Reduces noise effectively.
  • Special tone key locked identity functions: Strong anti-jamming characteristics.
  • High-quality components: Ensures perfect performance.
  • Range: 80 meters in best condition, 50 meters in normal condition.

The CPA 800 is ideal for various professional audio needs.

BrandCircle Pro Audio
ModelCPA 800 HH
TypeDual Hand Wireless
Operating frequency470-786MHz
Channels4*100 Channels
Channel space250KHz
TechnologyACR/IR SYNC and scan technology
Battery display on LCDYes
S/N ratio> 105dB
T.H.D distortion<0.5%
Frequency response20Hz-18KHz
Distance50-80 meters approx.
Channel space250KHz
Frequency stabilityᵛ0.005%
FM Max frequency adjustingᵛ45KHz
RF outputHIGH 10mW / LOW 5mW
Power supply2*AA batteries

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